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Therapy system OZON 2000

Intended purpose of the OZON 2000 is the production and preparation of an accurately defined concentration and flow of an ozone-oxygen gas mixture for the use of therapies published in the scientific literature. OZON 2000 is a field tested hyperbaric ozone therapy device for all kinds of ozone therapy. The main scope of application is the hyperbaric treatment of MAH.

The touch panel, as well as the logical structure of this device makes the application of the ozone therapy forms and the safety control during the treatment always very simple.In the touch panel there are 16 different languages stored in a database. Safety is built into each application of the device and the user is always integrated into the safety systems of the redundant safety systems!

Technical knowledge is second to understanding!

Using only the best available parts for ozone we assure the quality and a long life usage. Most of the first – now 25 years old- machines are still working today!

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer:Zotzmann & Stahl GmbH + Co. KG Medizin- Ozontechnik

    Daimlerstrasse 10
    73663 Berglen-Erlenhof

  • Model description OZON 2000
  • Power supply 100 – 240 V AC – 50-60 Hz
  • Output: 120 V A
  • Devices safety class: I
  • Fuses: 2 x 0.630 A (230 V) or 2 x 1,25 A (120 V) slow-to-burn
  • Gas employed: Oxygen medical grade
  • Input pressure Fine adjustment with special pressure reducer with flow meter
  • Accuracy of instruments: with mains voltage max. +-5% (end of scale)
  • Discharge nozzles: LUER / LUER LOK
  • Safety mechanisms: I. Time-controlled pressure relief II. Air-Bloc-system
  • Weight about 14 kg (without accessories)
  • pictograms: used pictograms are explained in the owners manual