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According to international publications, nowadays, (arterial, peripheral and cerebral vascular disorders, hearing precipitations, old-age vertigo and asthma as well as numerable other immuno-diseases) are successfully treated by means of hyperbaric ozone therapies. Ozone in form of tri-atomic oxygen (also known as active oxygen) significantly improves the blood circulation and improves blood lipid parameters.

The treatment requires that approx. 220 ml autoblood be withdrawn in a sterile, evacuated glass bottle, which is enriched at increased partial pressure with a pure ozone-oxygen mix and then re-introduced through the vein.

This method additionally delivers a substantial amount of oxygen into the blood not relaying on the lungs.

Poorty vascularized parts of the body are regenerated again. The immune system is strongly modulated and/or stimulated. The patient experiences an energy increase and with that also an enhancement in the quality of life.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes; is free of any side effects, and is widespread included in health programmes on offer by medical practitioners and clinics.

Advantages of the hyperbaric method:

  • hyperbaric machines are certified in a higher medical safety class: II b, so they are much safer than the normobaric machines which are safety class IIa and one cannot compromise a treatment in this closed system. The operator does not need to stick additional needles into the treatment bottle as users of inferior machines might do to manually increase the pressure in the bottle.
  • Very often the nomobaric treatment is manipulated with the application of pressure, by the operator (because the method is too slow). But, absent any safety system, there is the potential for safety risk.
  • absolutely “closed” system (see published side effects of the normobaric treatments, cross contamination etc.)
  • the higher partial pressure of the gases in the bottle brings higher concentration quantities of ozone/oxygen and redox potential
  • the blood withdrawal and also the blood re-transfusion is more gentle for the human system, -you are able to fine-tune the vacuum of withdrawl as well as the pressure of the re-transfusion by controlled pumps in an absolutely closed system.
  • You see better results in the patient, because we are able to treat much more blood with a higher amount of ozone in one treatment. See publications from Prof. Bocci about the amount and concentration of modern ozone treatments.
  • one treatment with 200 ml of blood and a higher quantity of ozone needs less time than the nomobaric treatment with a volume of blood 60 – to max. 100 ml.
  • we are measuring the only right physical value : g/Nm³ with the differences of ambient temperature and pressure
  • we calibrate our (your) machines once a year and don`t use so called integrated photometers, which are far inferior in precision.
  • We don`t use only technical program sequences. In our machines the user with his very good human senses is always an integrated part of the total safety.

Comparison with other machines: Look at the quality and different safety systems. Everybody can check, when the machine is open and revealsits technical construction with the best of available parts you will find!